Current members:

Prof Matthew Gage – Professor of Evolutionary Ecology

Dr Ram Vasudeva – NERC-funded postdoc examining heatwave impacts on insect reproduction.

James Bemrose  – BBSRC-funded PhD student, examining sexual selection and reproduction in salmon and beetles.

Marco Graziano – BBSRC-funded PhD student, examining wild and farm Atlantic salmon reproduction.

Ben Cole – BBSRC-funded PhD student, examining insect reproduction and heatwave conditions.

Ryan Brock – NERC-funded research technician.


Dr Kris Sales, ENVEast PhD student on causes and consequences of thermal sensitivity in male fertility using a model insect. Continued at UEA working on  C. elegans ageing in the Maklakov Lab. Now a teaching fellow for the Science Corps Charity.

Dr David Murray, BBSRC- and NERC-funded postdoc on salmon reproduction. Now working as an NHS lab manager in Norwich.

Dr Joanne Godwin, PhD student on sexual selection and reproductive and life history traits in Tribolium castaneum. Now helping with Bristol university’s REF return.

Alyson Lumley, Long term senior technician on the Tribolium system (and others) – Now in California.

Dr Sian Diamond, PhD student on salmon and trout hybridisation. Now in Wales

Dr Sarah Yeates, PhD student and postdoc on salmon and trout reproduction. Now running UEA SCI postgraduate training.

Dr Matthew Dickinson, PhD student on Tribolium reproduction and thermal stress. Now a senior research technician looking after rodents in London.